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Beauty shot! Astrid cosplay from HTTYD 2 by Martini’s workshop.
Photo by Danarki 
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twelve days of snk | day eleven
favorite quote
—Keith Shardis

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IMGP0147 by quecava on Flickr.
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”Did Kaito really want to be together with the mermaid me?”
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Do the Keroro Style!
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Whipped up some Sgt. Frog Valentines!~ 8D

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❝You know, if death isn’t really the end of everything, then that first time we met, it might not have really been our first time. For all we know, we might of been connected from way before that. I’m not really sure, but I think maybe once a bond is form, it can never disappear. And if that’s the case, even if we forget everything, we’ll all be connected again, somewhere in the future.❞ - Ichigo to Rukia, in BLEACH: Fade to Black.
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